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Management based on cooperation and trust

Discover unique and innovative solutions with extraordinary potential.

it is for :

Clarifying the strategy, roles of everyone

Development of a business plan
Acquisition and merger of companies
Strategic management of major projects
Launching innovative products
Creation of start-ups

Resolving a tense situation that is "dragging on".

Improving the social climate
Quality of life at work (QWL)
Development of an HRM strategy
Pre-strike notice
Closure of a site

Preparing the conditions for a successful reorganisation

Reorganisation of services, relocation
Digital transition
Lean management: preparation, docking, reliability
Controlling risks, processes and quality

Establishing a sustainable cooperation with a partner

Setting up partnerships
Support and motivation of teams
Preparing for the energy transition
Consultation on methanisation projects
Disputes between customers/suppliers, producers/consumers

Understand the principles in 2min

The video is in French, but it is worth understanding it ;-)

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